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OSMONDS OSMOLTYE is a liquid electrolyte formulated for daily feeding.

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OSMONDS OSMOLTYE is a liquid electrolyte formulated for daily feeding.

Contains high levels of the minerals Sodium, Chloride and Potassium, vital for regulation of the acid base balance and Magnesium and Calcium for nerve and muscle function.

Zinc, Vitamin E and Selenium have also been included, along with Copper, to ensure vital elements are supplied to help maintain correct muscle function.

OSMONDS OSMOLTYE is an essential part of the diet for performance horses and daily use may speed the return to optimum condition after competition or heavy work, allowing the horse to recover and perform at maximal levels without a loss of performance.

OSMONDS OSMOLTYE should be fed daily to horses in medium to hard work, and should always be fed after heavy training or competition

* Speeds Recovery After Exertion
* Faster Rehydration
* Faster Replenishment of Body Salts
* Less Dehydration
* Helps Maintain Nerve and Muscle Function


Sodium (as Chloride) 25g/litre
Calcium (as Chloride) 25g/litre
Magnesium (as Chloride) 5g/litre
Potassium (as Chloride) 5g/litre
Chloride 38g/litr
Vitamin E 4000mg/litre
Zinc (as Chloride) 4g/litre
Selenium (as Selenite) 2.88mg/litre
Copper (as Sulphate) 1mg/litre
Oil 0.40%
Fibre ‹1%
Ash 18.50%
Moisture 44%
Protein 1.20%


Normal Maintenance 60 ml per day
After strenuous exercise or travel: 90-180ml
In the feed or in clean drinking water which should be available at all times.

It is recommended that a specialist opinion be sought before use.

DO NOT  exceed 300ml per horse per day.

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