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15 General

Absolutely, Colostro Guard can be fed to foals - 15g per foal, to help support early digestive tract establishment, laying the foundation for lifelong health and vitality.

Hello - thank you for the question. Our Lifesaver Puppy Colostrum is 

absolutely safe to feed to adult dogs. It is a supplement, so contains more than just colostrum, however, we wouldn’t be able to make any claims regarding helping allergies, as we formulate this for puppies at birth. 


Hello Charles - thank you for the question - 

Pigeon Dip could function similarly to its effect on other mites & insects. It's important to treat habitual areas such as lofts & coops, as the natural oils in the dip can serve as a preventive measure and assist in deterring parasites and insects.

Osmonds Broodmare & Youngstock Supplement will provide most of the calcium and phosphorus needed to ensure optimal skeletal development.

Further to this,  we include BioPlex forms of the minerals Iron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese which improve the bioavailability and absorption.

Fed alongside a healthy diet, additional supplements should not be required. 

Thank you for your question. 

Osmonds Equine Ultimate is an oil & seaweed-based supplement developed for all-around conditioning with the inclusion of the below;

Vitamin K 52mg/kg
Protein 6% Niacin 10mg/kg
Fibre 7% Pantothenate
Calcium 6% Acid 529mg/kg
Phosphorus 3% Biotin 0.2mg/kg
Magnesium 0.1% Cobalt 66mg/kg
Sodium 3.5% Iodine 303mg/kg
NUTRIMIN© 4% Iron 2.250mg/kg
Manganese 4,260 mg/kg
Diamond V Yeast 3.8%
Vitamin A 264.00iu/kg Selenium 10mg/kg
Vitamin D3 53,00iu/kg Zinc 4,630 mg/kg
Vitamin E 680 iu/kg VETOXAN© 0.13%
Vitamin B1 Ash 37%
Vitamin B2 265 mg/kg
Vitamin B12 528mcg/kg

There is no withdrawal period required for dairy livestock, however, a 48-hour withdrawal period is required for food chain livestock.

Due to the nature of the product and the inclusion of biocides, the withdrawal periods for Osmonds Bactakil 55 & Osmonds Bactakil Purple are as follows;

- 7 days for dairy livestock 

- 28 days for food chain livestock

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Osmonds Calming Paste does not leave behind any harmful remnants in meat, milk, or other animal products and requires no withdrawal period, ensuring the safety and quality of the food chain.

Absolutely, Osmonds Calming paste is 100% show legal!

We first formulated Sustain as a specific preventative for Watery Mouth at a 4ml dose, we were then asked continually for a product for boosting lambs, but to ensure that customers continued to use the stronger 4ml dose to help prevent Watery Mouth, we thought the best option would be to re-market the Lamb Insta-Life as a booster at a lesser 2ml dose, this ensured optimum value for the customer; to make sure they weren’t under / overfeeding for specific purposes.

We speak to many livestock owners who have told us they use Bactakil 55 on a variety of issues including Ringworm & Orf. Apply to a clean, dry cloth & dab on the affected area and left to dry avoiding the eyes, nose, mouth & any sensitive areas.. A second application can then be made 7-10 days after if necessary. Do not use on udders of nursing livestock.

Please remember this product is for professional use only, knowledge of biocides is essential before purchasing.

Osmonds Muscle Paste was designed to be administered at weaning, however, if a selenium deficiency has been identified within your flock/herd, this can be fed at 1 -2g (depending on the animal’s size/weight) every week for the first 4 weeks from birth at your own discretion.

As a rule of thumb for general health & well-being, we advise you to drench your animals every 4-6 weeks

Pre-tupping – 7-10 days before tupping is our recommendation, however, many of our customers have reported great success drenching 4 weeks before tupping with a second dose given 4 days prior.

Oviboost & Boviboost have the highest concentration of vitamins & chelated minerals making them our premium, gold standard drench.