Osmonds Breeding Bundle

Osmonds Breeding Bundle

Osmonds Avian Race Pro Pack

Osmonds Avian Pro Race Pack

Osmonds Avian Strength Pack

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Strength comes from strong foundations!

Introducing the Osmonds Avian Strength Pack, containing 3 of our favourite supplements to help build up your birds, naturally from the inside, out. 


Pack contains;

Avian Calci-Blue - 1 Litre - A fortified liquid Calcium supplement with Vitamin D, Magnesium & Phosphorus for Pigeons of all ages.

Essential for shell quality, bone growth and natural development. Also helps maintain good claw, beak and feather quality. Easily absorbed.

Avian Ultimate - 5kg - The Ultimate oil based mineral, vitamin and trace element feed supplement enriched with seaweed containing Biotin, Vetoxan® and Nutrimin® to help support the digestive system.

Contains a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals and Trace Elements. Helps maintain and promote health and vitality as well as helping to promote better egg and shell quality, superior feathering and bloom.


Aviboost - 1 Litre - A high specification Pigeon Tonic containing Nucleotides that helps support the immune system and maintain optimum performance.

Contains top grade vitamins and chelated minerals to provide better bio-availability.

Feed when racing to help improve performance, stamina etc and to help aid the recovery of birds.

Feed when breeding to help increase fertility and to youngstock for optimum growth rates.

Feed when showing to help with better pigmentation and feathering.

Can also be used to help combat stress related problems caused by high temperatures, vaccination, transportation, racing etc or when recovering from illness or disease, moulting, breeding.


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