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Osmonds Gut-Rite

An all natural Bio-Probiotic product which works fast and provides instantly available essential nutrients important in the maintenance of a healthy gut until any disturbances fade and good alimentary microbial populations resume.

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Osmonds Gut-Rite is an extremely effective all natural Bio-Probiotic product to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Gut-Rite contains Vetoxan® to help maintain a healthy digestive tract and Nutrimin® to remove any build up of toxins from the system and to slow down the passage of feed through the gut.

Osmonds Gut-Rite is a valuable aid to stock people when travelling, showing or selling livestock. It contains added electrolytes to help effective recovery.

Ideal for periods following stressful situations.

Feeding Instructions

Blend into feed or mix with 1/2 - 1 litre of clean, warm water.

Young Stock - Feed 10-20g daily for several days.

Adult Stock - 25g - 50g daily for several days.

Gut-rite Data Sheet
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