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Osmonds Osvac Tonic & Laxative Drench

Osmonds Gut-Rite

An all natural Bio-Probiotic product which works fast and provides instantly available essential nutrients important in the maintenance of a healthy gut until any disturbances fade and good alimentary microbial populations resume.

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Discover the power of Osmonds Gut-Rite, a highly effective, all-natural Bio-Probiotic designed to support and maintain a robust digestive system.

Our advanced formula includes Vetoxan® to promote a healthy digestive tract and Nutrimin® to eliminate toxins and regulate the passage of feed through the gut.

Osmonds Gut-Rite is your go-to solution for stock management during travel, shows, or sales. Packed with essential electrolytes, it facilitates rapid recovery, making it an invaluable asset in times of stress.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps maintain a healthy digestive system with Vetoxan® and Nutrimin®
  • Ideal for stock during travel, shows, or sales
  • Contains electrolytes for effective recovery
  • Perfect for post-stress situations

Instructions for Use:

Easily incorporate Osmonds Gut-Rite into your feeding routine by blending it into feed or mixing it with 1/2 - 1 litre of clean, warm water.

Recommended Daily Dosage: Young Stock: 10-20g daily for several days Adult Stock: 25g - 50g daily for several days Experience the difference with Osmonds Gut-Rite — your trusted partner in maintaining optimal digestive health for your livestock.

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