Osmonds Zenosan Disinfectant Powder

A Broad Spectrum disinfectant powder.

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Osmonds Zenosan is a broad spectrum powdered disinfectant and Ammonia Neutraliser with anti-viral, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal properties.

Zenosan works to enhance the environment by lowering the levels of ammonia and other noxious gasses thus promoting healthier and more profitable livestock. Using Zenosan can help to minimise the activity of disease causing micro-organisms, which can help to reduce the challenge to livestock from bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds.

Zenosan is made from natural ingredients alongside a safe disinfectant, meaning it is safe to leave down whilst animals are feeding. 


COWS: 75g per cow in the lying area weekly

CALVES: 50-60g per calf pen daily for 3 days, then weekly.

GROWING CATTLE: 60-100g per animal in their bedding when added

SHEEP: Apply at rate of 50g per square metre in lambing pens after each ewe lambs or in pre and post lambing pens as often as required

Can also be used in stables, kennels and catteries, small animal cages, rabbit hutches, pigeon lofts and aviaries. 

AVIARIES: Maintenance – apply 50g product per square metre 2/3 times a week

When any health issues in the loft – Increase to 100g per square metre daily for 2 weeks then 50g per square metre daily for a week.

When the problem has been addressed go back to maintenance application rates.

Apply product on the floor before bedding.

Zenosan Data Sheet
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