Top 5 Lambing Essentials to Help Make the Season Easier.

Top 5 Lambing Essentials to Help Make the Season Easier.

With lambing season fast approaching (and in full swing for many of us!), we have created a list of our top 5 lambing essentials to help your season run that little bit smoother.


  1. Premium Brand Lamb Colostrum 

Our lamb colostrum is:

  • A complete feed for new-born lambs.
  • Contains 100% pure dried EU colostrum.
  • Designed to boost the lambs' immune system.
  • Helps maintain a high health status in the lamb.
  • Reliable, fast and easy to use, low oil content for easy mixing.
  • Mimics the lambs' mothers' colostrum.
  • Energy comes from Glucose, Dextrose and Lactose, easy to absorb, readily available giving an instant energy boost.
  • Contains Vetoxan Probiotic to enhance the digestive system.
  • Nucleotides included giving the lambs the best start in life. 
  • Guaranteed EBL, BVD, Johne’s & TB Free.

Osmonds Colostrum Supplement is formulated using pure Colostrum, spray dried at source. This, along with its low oil content = outstanding mixability! Combine with warm water as required, (ideal for emergencies!) without having to wait for the thawing out of frozen colostrum. Perfect to have in your arsenal at the start of the season.


  1. Lamb Insta-Life 

Insta-life is an all-natural supplement that provides an instant energy boost to the new-born lamb, helping to maintain against disease factors and jump start lambs that are slow to start feeding.

Not only this, but it also helps to boost the lamb’s nutrient intake to help maintain resistance from disease factors. Contains Vetoxan® which is important in the establishment of an internal environment in which E.Coli bacteria cannot grow and develop. Vetoxan also helps remove the Meconium (Black Plug) quickly, allowing lambs to thrive from an early age.


  1. Lamb Revivit 

A fast-acting, hyper emulsified, multi-vitamin concentrate specifically formulated for new-born and weak lambs. High in vitamins A, D E & B, Lamb Revivit helps to enhance the lamb’s survival and health. Contains a Niacin and Vitamin B3 essential for energy release from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, Lamb Revivit works effectively to enhance the lamb’s health and vitality.


  1. Re-Energise 

Re-Energise is a feed supplement for ewes carrying multiple lambs when metabolic disorders occur. It provides a high level of essential nutrients & energy which is often in a depleted state with in-lamb ewes. The glycerine/emulsified fats give instantly available energy to the ewe, giving her an essential respite and boost, during which her own metabolism can resume normal working progress.

Contains Vetoxan® to help improve digestion of normal feeding during this period.


  1. Bactakil 

Osmonds best-selling product, used by generations of farmers & an essential for anyone with livestock. 

Osmonds Bactakil is a unique combination of broad-spectrum biocides. Use to help maintain freedom from bacteria, fungi and algae and their associated problems, including ringworm, orf, foot rot & 'seedy toe' - from the feet to the face*. Effective against microbial spores, helping prevent re-contamination and can also be used on navels. Withdrawal times applies – see website for further details. *Do not spray directly onto the face, use a clean cloth to dab on affected area. Keep away from eyes, nose and mouth.


Having just these 5 products can make a big difference to your lambing season, helping you prepare for every eventuality, from lambs not getting enough colostrum right through to ewes who are struggling to recover, aiding your overall results and profitability.


If you have any questions or queries,please feel free to call our office on 01948 668100, email to [email protected] or click here to visit our website to see our whole range of lambing essentials.