Osmonds Premium Brand Lamb Colostrum - 10 Lamb

Osmonds Premium Brand Lamb Colostrum

Osmonds Essential Lambing Pack with FREE BEANIE!

Osmonds Essential Lambing Pack with FREE BEANIE!

Osmonds Sustain for Lambs

A nutritional supplement to help maintain healthy new born lambs

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???? Prevention really is better than cure ????

Osmonds Sustain Watery Mouth Supplement is a fast-acting booster feed for lambs at birth. Particularly suitable for lambs that are exposed to lambing pen infections, i.e. e-coli (watery mouth).
  • It is developed to supply each lamb with a boost of essential vitamins, minerals, probiotics and energy, helping efficient colostrum absorption and higher health status.
  • An all-natural supplement specifically designed to boost the nutritive state of "at-risk" lambs.
  • Easy to use/administer liquid booster feed.
  • Boosts the lamb's nutrient intake to help maintain resistance from disease factors.
  • Contains Vetoxan® Bio-probiotic to aid gut function - important in the establishment of an internal alimentary environment in which E.Coli bacteria cannot grow and develop.
  • Vetoxan® also helps remove the Meconium (black plug) allowing lambs to thrive from an early age.

Feeding Instructions

Shake well before use and place the nozzle towards the back of the lamb's tongue.

Feed 4ml of Sustain (2 pumps) as soon as possible after birth. Repeat if necessary.

250ml = 62 x 4ml lamb feeds.


"Would very much recommend this product to help prevent wet mouth and give lambs the start they need" - Steph W.

Sustain Data Sheet
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