Muscle Master Dry

Muscle Master Dry Blend Supplement

Osmonds No Stress - Supplement

Osmonds No-Stress Supplement

Muscle Master Liquid

An all natural product to help maintain better muscling properties.

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Osmonds Muscle Master Liquid is an all-natural product containing high levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and herb extract to help maintain better muscle properties.

  • Contains pure liquid herb extract and amino acids
  • Provides a high intake of nutrients and slows down the digestion of feed allowing maximum nutrient utilization.
  • Helps produce a high health status which in turn produces better-muscling properties alongside a more efficient performance.
  • Helps produce more profitable livestock.

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS (with every feed)

  • Pedigree Cattle for Show / Sale & Bulls: 25ml
  • Dairy Cows: 20 - 25ml
  • Calves: 10 - 12.5ml
  • Lambs: 10ml - 12.5ml
  • Pedigree Sheep for Show / Sale: 20ml
  • Goats: 5ml - 10ml
  • Foals, Ponies, Donkeys: 10ml - 12.5ml
  • Showjumpers, Eventers, Racehorses: 20ml - 25ml
  • Dogs (dependent on size):  5ml - 12.5ml
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