Muscle Master Liquid

Muscle Master Liquid

Muscle Master Dry Blend Supplement

Helps build and define muscle in animals - particularly those for showing and sale!
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Are you looking to help build & maintain superior muscle properties in your livestock? Osmonds Muscle Master is the answer!

A completely natural formula that uses amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and dry herbs to help create a power-building, bulking supplement from neck to rump on various animals such as cattle & sheep – we call it our ‘Beast of a backend builder!’

The first choice amongst pedigree and show animals for many years, attributing to increased success & profitability.

Why Muscle Master?

  • Muscle Master contains Plantago Seed, seaweed, dried herbs, Linseed Oil, and Diamond V Yeast on a Nutrimin® base, that helps support the digestive system, slowing down the passage of food, allowing for maximum absorption of muscle-increasing ingredients.
  • Helps produce a high health status, supporting greater muscling and grading properties, alongside more efficient performance.
  • Contains Diamond V Yeast - well-documented digestive and fermentation properties
  • Suitable for all classes of cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and pigeons.

Feeding Rates

Add to every feed by top-dressing animals’ regular meals, or simply mixing in.

For more accurate feeding of herd animals, fed separately.

  • Pedigree Cattle for Show/Sale & Bulls - 25g
  • Dairy Cows - 20-25g
  • Calves - 10-12.5g
  • Lambs - 10-12.5g (from 1 month – introduce with creep feed).
  • Pedigree Sheep for Show/Sale 20g
  • Goats - 5-10g
  • Foals, Ponies, Donkeys - 10-12.5g
  • Horses (light work) – 25g
  • Horses (medium to hard work) - 25-50g
  • Dogs - Small e.g Jack Russell – 5g, Medium e.g Spaniel – 7.5g, Large e.g Labrador – 10g, X Large e.g Newfoundland – 12.5g

For best results, begin feeding 8-12 weeks prior to showing/sale.

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