Preparing livestock for showing involves several steps to ensure that the animals are in top condition and ready to perform their best in the show ring. Here are some general guidelines for preparing livestock for showing:


  1. Diet: Feed your animals a balanced and nutritious diet appropriate for their species and age. Regular use of a premium quality drench such as Oviboost / Boviboost & Muscle Paste can ensure that optimum vitamin, mineral & trace elements levels are maintained. Make sure they have access to fresh, clean water always.

Photo by Mosscroft Blonde Herd - British Blondes 

  1. Exercise: Exercise your animals regularly to keep them in good physical condition. This can include walking, running, or training exercises specific to their species. Muscle Master’s muscle-building formula used alongside exercise helps enhance results further creating strong toplines & backends.

Also known as our ‘beast of a backend builder!’

Use in conjunction with Muscle Paste to intensify the result!

Photo by Onnen Texels 

  1. Grooming: Groom your animals regularly to keep their coats or feathers clean and shiny. This can include brushing, washing, clipping, and trimming.

Luxury Shampoo is a firm favourite amongst Osmonds customers, due to its powerful cleaning action, which actively cleanses the coat without stripping the all-important oils, leaving a healthy, show-winning shine!


  1. Health: Keep your animals healthy by providing regular veterinary care, including vaccinations and parasite control.


  1. Training: Train your animals to behave well in the show ring & even when travelling to different locations. This can include teaching them to stand still for judging, walk on a lead, and respond to commands. A natural, calming supplement like No-Stress can also help to relax the animal, using the root from the valerian plant, resulting in a more relaxed journey & performance.

Don’t forget to ensure plenty of water is accessible & provide an electro-lite source, Electro-Aid to replace any lost salts, sugars, minerals & aid rapid rehydration.


  1. Presentation: On the day of the show, present your animals in the best possible light. This can include using show-quality grooming products and attire, and ensuring your animals are calm and well-behaved.


Overall, preparing livestock for showing requires careful attention to detail and a commitment to providing the best possible care for your animals. By following these general guidelines and consulting with experienced show competitors, you can help ensure that your animals are ready to perform their best in the show ring.

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