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  1. Ultimate


    An alternative product to OSMONDS CODLIVIT - Containing Seaweed for added health benefits

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  2. Muscle Master Dry

    Muscle Master Dry Blend Supplement

    Improved All Natural formula

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  3. Muscle Master Liquid

    Muscle Master Liquid

    An all natural product to help maintain better muscling properties.

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  4. Supablend


    Supablend Championship Formula is an all natural product containing high levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and dried herbs to help all round condition and performance.

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  5. Elektrolite

    Osmonds Elektrolite

    Liquid Rehydration and Energy Source. Learn More
  6. Vaccadyne


    The original Vaccadyne - Effective Red Udder Grease

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  7. Bactakil 55 1 litre Spray

    Bactakil 55

    One of Osmonds best selling products - used by generations of farmers.

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  8. Boviboost 5L


    A high quality, premium range drench for cattle. Learn More
  9. Cleansing Pessaries

    Cleansing Pessaries

    New for 2016. Cleansing Pessaries: Ideal use for after routine parturition, trauma related abortion & caesarean to restore good condition to the reproductive tract.

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  10. Thrivit with Copper

    Thrivit with Copper

    A liquid emulsified Vitamin, Trace Element and Chelated Mineral Supplement WITH COPPER

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