Osmonds Lamb Revivit

Osmonds Lamb Revivit

Adopta-Lamb 500ml

Osmonds Adopta-Lamb Spray - 500ml

Osmonds Lifesaver Lamb Syringe 15g

Lifesaver Lamb Syringes contain double strength health providing nutrients for lambs.

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Lamb Lifesaver Syringe

Osmonds Life Saver Extra Strength Syringe is a double-strength supplementary feed, for the newborn lamb that is either at risk of bacterial infection or has a digestive upset.

  • Easy to administer
  • Double strength to help boost the lamb's immunity
  • Helps to maintain a high health status in the lamb
  • Helps the lamb to resist infectious pathogens that cause lambs to scour
  • Reliable, fast and easy to use
  • Contains Vetoxan Probiotic to promote healthy gut flora


  • Feed 3g - 5g per lamb - as soon as possible after birth, preferably before the lamb sucks the Ewe
  • Place the nozzle on the back of the lamb's tongue, holding the head up and depress the syringe a third of the way.
  • Hold the lamb's head up until sure that it has swallowed the paste.
Feature  Advantage  Benefit
Colostrum  Bolster their natural defences against disease challenges  Promotes survival of the neo-natal lamb
High in Vitamins A, D ,E  Promotes the performance of the immune system  Enhance lamb survival and health
Emulsified Vitamins/Minerals  Vitamins and minerals are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, starting as soon as it's in the mouth Maximises the effect with a quicker reaction time
Egg Powder Enhance passive immunity  Improve lamb health and survival 
Emulsified Fat Easily absorbed, available energy source when it is most needed Thrifty/lively lambs


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